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Polly Amry

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Joined: May 2018

What made you want to do burlesque?

I had seen and loved a few Don’t Blink shows, and then one night in 2017 I dreamed I was doing an act to Business Time by Flight of the Concords. Ever since then I’ve been scheming my way into performing that act!

What’s the biggest challenge being a burlesque performer?

I think it’s the same as the biggest general life challenge – patience. There’s such a rich history and unique technique to this artform and while I love learning it, it can be frustrating to not be a master of all aspects of everything yet. It’s also challenging to feel original — sometimes it feels like any idea I have has already been done very well.

What are some of your goals as a performer?

Get that sweet, sweet cash! Haha, no, I want to feel graceful on stage and seduce an entire audience with just a subtle move. I also want to duet with Matt 😉

If you could steal an act from another member of Don’t Blink Burlesque, which act would it be and why?

Ida Tapper hid a piccolo in her butt and danced an amazing, funny, energetic rendition of John Philip Sousa’s ‘The Stars and Stripes Forever’. I love her ingenuity and I’d totally steal that act because it embodies what I aspire to be as a performer.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? What are they?

With my limited experience performing so far, my pre-show ritual seems to be: Panic and consider running away, then have a lil drink and try to calm down.

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