Raisin Wood

Raisin Wood. Photo Credit: Michael Luna Photography

We thought you might like to know more about Don’t Blink Burlesque troupe member, Raisin Wood. Luckily, we found her at a dog park eating mac n’ cheese, so we interrupted her and asked a few questions for you!

Q: When and how did you start doing burlesque?
RW: I first got up the nerve to go to a show in 2011, although I had wanted to check out burlesque for years before. I happened to go on a night when Luna De Lumbre was doing her first student performance as one of the first Fanny’s Foxes, and I was delighted to learn that there were classes I could take! I took my first class from Fanny on April 22, 2012 and was instantly hooked, signing up for the next performance session. My first performance (and burlesque birthday) was on July 21st, 2012.

Q: What is your favorite thing about doing burlesque?
RW: I like that in incorporates so many of the things I have always loved: dance, comedy, music, costumes, sewing, hair, make-up, rhinestones, glitter, and being naked! I also LOVE all of the people that I have met through performing burlesque. I’ve got my little local burlesque family that I’m so lucky to know, but also the extended network of burlesque performers on Facebook who I have met / seen perform at various festivals and conferences over the years. Everyone is always posting fabulously glittery things, insightful political articles, happy feminist, body-positive, and sex-positive things, etc., and it makes me feel good to be part of such an amazing world-wide community! I have learned SO MUCH from everyone. There’s also a magic that comes with being backstage, and I always appreciate that. I guess I have a lot of favorite things about burlesque!

Q: Are you ever nervous to get naked on stage?
RW: No, never. I’ll get nervous about wanting a new act to go well and things like that, but the getting naked part is no big deal for me. I have a long history of being naked — in college I was known for always being in my underwear if you came to visit, and my mom likes to tell the story that as a child I went through a phase where I would gag every time they tried to put clothes on me. Burlesque was my destiny.

Q: In addition to performing burlesque, you are also a founding member of Team Hot Cheese. Can you tell us a little more about this important venture?
RW: Well, another reason I love burlesque is that in addition to all of the other AMAZING people that I met and now call friends, I also met my #wifey4lifey Taryn Garters. Through the Burlesque 202 class we took together, we named ourselves #teamhotcheese — both as a description of ourselves (super hot but definitely cheesy), and because of our shared love of all food items involving hot cheese. We started making dinner dates to try out various takes on hot cheese at local restaurants, chronicling our adventures in a special notebook. We’re still currently in our Mac and Cheese tour. Recently we took on a new member of the club when we were blown away by his hot cheese resume. There is a lot of interest in hot cheese right now, so we’re excited to see where the club goes next. We’re definitely #blessed.

Q: What is your favorite drink?
RW: I get made fun of a lot for my obsession with seltzer water. I’m drinking one right now! There is a rumor that I am Mormon and don’t drink… I’m not sure who started that.

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